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April 11, 2006

Microchipping dogs detracting from the feral issue

The decision to microchip all dogs tells us much about the current Cabinet.

It keeps dealing with the symptoms of problems, never their causes. Thank heavens none of the members are doctors or their patients would have died long ago. Yes, there is a problem with dangerous dogs. Too many people get bitten. The experience terrifies children. Adults, too. I was bitten a couple of times by mongrels when campaigning in my electorate.

What to do about them is the problem. We had a chance in the 1980s to stop the importation of dangerous breeds but muffed it, and now there are too many.

If the "real dog problems come from owners" as stated below, why is the importation of dangerous breeds the problem, as stated above? Just playing with your logic:)

Under Cabinet's new requirements, all dog owners will have the expense of microchipping, irrespective of the dog's likely danger. Yet we have known for many years that the real dog problems come from owners, in what the Australians call the feral parts of society. They don't bother even to register dogs, and certainly won't microchip them.

yup, ya got that right!

Once more everyone will suffer because Labour can't come to grips with the problem end of society that its social policies continue to create. Instead, it is engaged in a form of political escapism. Ministers want to look as though they are doing something useful about dogs, when in reality they aren't even applying a band-aid.

Gee, sounds like some other laws we get around here. IE. put the drinking age back up to 20. Ya, like that's going to fit it? Band all cold tablets. Ya that's going to stop the making of meths.

Even the microchip itself, if the ferals could be persuaded to register and chip their dogs, is worthless when it comes to stopping dogs savaging children. It is crude placebo politics at its worst. AGREE!

We have seen lots of this sort of nonsense over the years, and it has not been confined to Labour. Random breath testing is another substitute for real policy. The police stop cars often at times and in areas where they know they will not encounter the section of society that is most over-represented in road-fatality statistics.

I like what Micheal has said about politics in general.. to continue reading the whole article, push here


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