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April 28, 2006

Microchipping... and councils, and drugs, and laws

In my other post (below), there are all these really bad dog stories that you would think have TEETH (to them). But then, you read how councils don't think that microchipping is worth the time and effort... (as written down below in this post)

Can someone in the media please tell me, are dogs dangerous, or aren't they??
Sheese, what a bunch of mixed messages the news stories are giving! This is a good way of understanding how the 'media' influences each and every one of us.

Take the cannabis laws for example. In New Zealand, there are sooo many bad stories about drugs. We are lead to believe that drugs are bad, that they is a problem, and that we should get rid of them. We are lead to beleive that EVERYONE feels that this is a big bad wolf.

If this is the case, why is it that only 12 people showed up when government officials from Wellington came to town (Christchurch)... We are talking about policy advisors wanting to open up the channels of communication, and ask the community their response to the present drug policy. Only 12 people came, and NONE were from the City Council (who's responsibility is to make laws around the drinking/drug establishments around town), NONE were from the District Health Board, NONE from the police (who tell us it's a big problem), NONE from any school boards (who want to test for drugs), NONE from the MEDIA who report all the RUBBISH around town...

Are drugs a problems or aren't they??
Are dogs a problem or aren't they??

Ya wouldn't know by reading it the media, would ya?

No chips for farm dogs - Southern, New Zealand - Apr 28, 2006
By KENT ATKINSON. South Island councils – many representing rural regions – say they will ask Parliament to exempt farm dogs from microchipping. ...

Council to send anti dog-chip partyTVNZ, New Zealand - Apr 28, 2006
Masterton District Council has resolved to send a delegation to Parliament to push for a review of dog microchipping legislation that comes into force in July. ...

Council takes stand against chipsTVNZ, New Zealand - Apr 26, 2006
A Wairarapa council is taking a stand against the government plans to microchip all dogs. Pushed on by local farmers, Masterton ...

Councils against dog chipping lawsRadio New Zealand, New Zealand - 6 hours agoThere's growing opposition among local bodies to a dog control law that will require all dogs registered from July to have an identification microchip inserted ...

Microchip law given low priority in MastertonWairarapa Times Age, New Zealand - 20 hours agoBY MARLENE DITCHFIELD. Masterton district councillors went to the dogs last night, deciding a new law requiring dogs to be microchipped ...

Council Votes To Make Dog Microchipping A Low, New Zealand - Apr 25, 2006The Masterton District Council is snubbing the new microchipping law for dogs by passing a resolution this evening to make it a low priority. ...


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