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April 04, 2006

Farmers back Anderton despite microchip plan

Federated Farmers says it still has confidence in Jim Anderton as agriculture minister despite his failure to convince the Cabinet to change dog microchipping laws.

At least someone has confidence... not I

Mr Anderton, ranked No 3 in Cabinet, lost the argument to exempt farm dogs from laws aimed at curbing dog attacks, with the No 18-ranked minister, Nanaia Mahuta, leading the charge to include all dogs.

The Opposition has seized on this, with National spokesman David Carter calling Mr Anderton a "lame duck".

The federation, which represents 19,000 farmers and other rural people, is working on plans to attack the new law, which will come into effect on July 1.

President Charlie Pedersen said Mr Anderton had asked for a list of "doable practical items" that the federation would like him to achieve.

Heading that list was the microchipping issue. "It seemed like a little thing to get fixed," he said. "Now they've bitten into a bunfight they didn't need to." MORE>>


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