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April 12, 2006

Dog unit to sniff for drugs at school

A drug-sniffer unit will visit Dunstan High School for the first time next term as part of a plan to maintain a "safe" school environment for students, principal David Smythe confirmed yesterday. The visit, which had been under consideration for two years, would include an "educational demonstration" by the Dunedin-based dog unit followed at a later date by a "random" check for drugs.

While there had been no evidence of drugs at school, a "town issue" with drugs had prompted moves to ensure they did not arrive at school.

a "town issue" ??

"The kids tell me the school is clean, basically, they know the difference between the school and the outside – I'm just ensuring that," Mr Smythe said.
"It's about making the school safe."

gee, how much is that going to cost? don't fix what aint' broken...



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