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April 20, 2006

Dog attacks boy and teenager in Christchurch

A six-year-old Christchurch boy is recovering after being mauled by a neighbour's dog.
The boy was attacked on Tuesday night by a mastiff, suffering cuts to his face, head and shoulders and a puncture wound to his chest. He was taken to Christchurch Hospital and released yesterday.

It is believed the boy was standing at the end of a driveway in Guernsey Street, Aranui, not far from his home, when he was attacked. A friend of the dog's owner, Johnny Montgomery, 16, said the dog bit him inside the house before the youngster was attacked. Montgomery said the dog bit him on his side, but he managed to escape. "After he bit me, I ran out the door and jumped up on a car in the driveway trying to get away," he said.
The number of dog attacks in Christchurch has dropped dramatically since the introduction of new licensing laws in 2003. The number of reported incidents dropped by 50 to 190 in the year to June last year.

Don't get too wrapped in the 'success' of the new licensing laws... People just aren't reporting the attacks. I didn't when my dog got attacked. (especially since the dog owner paid all the vet fees, and was really remorseful)


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