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April 27, 2006

Chaos as pets fight like cat and dog

The age-old hostility between dogs and cats has left an Otaki house trashed and flooded after two dogs attacked and fatally injured their feline housemate.

Owners of the Cobb Place house thought they had arrived home to a burglary, but a police investigation has uncovered a strange series of events. The two dogs that lived at the property had spotted the family cat inside the unoccupied house, a police spokeswoman said.
The dogs pushed open a ranch-slider then chased the cat around the house.

During the rampage on Monday, the cat had jumped on to the kitchen bench and knocked a tap, turning it on. With dishes in the sink, water flooded the kitchen and living room, the spokeswoman said. After furniture was tipped over and the house "trashed", the cat escaped out a door, only to be cornered and attacked on the driveway.

A neighbour who heard the ruckus went to investigate and found the cat lying severely injured. It was subsequently destroyed. The homeowners returned at 7pm, then reported what they thought was a burglary. It would be up to the dogs' owners to decide if they should be put down, the spokeswoman said.


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