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April 17, 2006

Carter rejects call for one cat and chips

An environmental group's call for microchipping and a one-cat per household limit has been rejected by Environment Minister Chris Carter, who prefers to encourage "responsible pet ownership".

Brrr.... argh!! says the dog.

Christchurch's Cat Control Campaign group wants restrictions on cat ownership to combat their killing of wildlife.

Spokesman Ray Spring said cat owners should be limited to one animal and be required to microchip and register their cats, keep them on their sections and inside at night. "Any cats out at night, if they have been microchipped, would be returned to their owner and [the owner] fined," Mr Spring said.
Mr Carter, who owns one cat called Judith that spends her time lying about and has "never caught anything in her life", said controlling the number of pets people owned was not the answer.


Yup, I think they should have limits too. I remember telling a friend that her cat should have a bell on. She said that her cat has never caught a bird, and probably never will. Finally enough, the very next day that we had this conversation, her cat came inside the house with a bird in its mouth. Do you think that the cat now had a bell? nope....


Another intersting article

Kerre Woodham: Kooky cat owners not helping cause
Ray Spring doesn't seem to like cats much. They're ecological vandals, according to Ray, decimating New Zealand's native bird population and shredding native trees with their vicious claws. They're also dirty little things, Ray reckons.

They get into good, honest pet-free neighbours' gardens and poop everywhere turning a garden of Eden into a toxic wasteland. Ray concedes that doing away with cats altogether is probably a bit radical - so instead he's suggested that cats be restricted to one per household and that all cats be microchipped so that rogue cats can be identified and their owners can be made accountable for their actions. MORE>>


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