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April 19, 2006

Bride expo goes to the dogs

Designer wedding dresses are going under the hammer to raise funds for Auckland SPCA.

"Thousands of women in the city get married each year and we want them to come along and get involved in the auction," says fundraising manager Gerry Harrison.

"They have the opportunity to get a fantastic designer dress and support the SPCA."
Beau, a samoyed owned by Brenda and Bill Cottle, will be one of the SPCA's dog squad members escorting the models wearing the gowns down the catwalk at the Premier Wedding Expo at 2pm, followed by the auction on Sunday, April 23.


When I lived in Japan, I bought a wedding dress for $30. It was only used once, beautiful... and I thought... what a cheap dress. Well, it cost me $35 to ship back home, and when I arrived home, I found out that it was a size 10 (or 8). I'm size 14. Even my skinny aunt couldn't fit in it. And for some reason, I couldnt't sell it even in a garage sale!


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