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March 31, 2006

Your Say: Micro-chipping dogs and welfare for the wealthy

01 April 2006
The Government's plans to micro-chip dogs and offer tax credits to affluent families has recieved strong feedback from Stuff readers. EXAMPLES of what they SAID. MORE>>

Dog micro-chipping - oh yeah, like this is going to stop the rabid rottweiler in the neighbourhood from attacking a child, puhlease, what the hell are the government thinking? Like the dog is going to stop and think before it attacks - 'Oh no, I can't do this, I'm micro-chipped!', duh. I think the answer is to more strictly enforce the dog control act, there appear to be far too many instances of dog control officers just not willing to do their job, too weak to enforce the dog control act to the fullest extent possible. This is one area in which I agree with the farmers. Ludicrous. Lily P Fudd

I fully agree with our government that there should be no exceptions with the micro-chipping of dogs. Just think, any dog is going to have second thoughts about attacking a child or a postie knowing he can easily be traced and put down. Well done you drones in our Beehive. John Beavin

I think most people are sick of this nanny-state government trying to tell us what we should and shouldn't do when they are just a bunch of namby-pamby politically correct junkies.Why should any dog be micro-chipped? Let alone farm dogs.Just because a few people get bitten, sad for them, but why does nobody ask the question what were they doing? Most likely teasing the dog, throwing stones at it or entering its territory (owner's home) uninvited. Money would be better spent micro-chipping the ill-disciplined children who persist in tagging fences, breaking into houses and costing those who actually pay taxes. Alastair Clarke


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