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March 16, 2006

What next? One dog, one vote?

What next? One dog, one vote?

Why not? they paid their taxes too!

With civil disobedience and even local body resistance in the wind, National's rural MPs came to Parliament determined to shame the Government into a U-turn over its plan to make farmers microchip their dogs.

See how dogs DO matter!

Besides the money this will cost farmers, the MPs believe that noble, backbone-of-the-country working dogs ought not to be subjected to the same degrading indignity as idle, non-contributing dogs.

Wow!! "idle, non-contributing dogs. " !! Hell, someone didn't read the health news that said that pet owners were LESS likely to have health problems because of their DOGS! Dog owners walk more, have a live cush-ball to relieve their stress, have less mental problems... (except when they get issued stupid fines)

Site reference: Less Stress
Pet Dog Reduces Stress of Caring for Brain-Injured (clickable link)
BUFFALO, N.Y. -- The latest findings on the ability of pet dogs to reduce cardiovascular stress in persons living high-stress lives -- in this case those caring for brain-injured spouses -- shows that dog owners experienced one-fifth the rise in blood pressure during stressful, care-giving activities compared to those without dogs.

How Owning a Dog or Cat Can Reduce Stress (clickable link)
Research shows that, unless you’re someone who really dislikes animals or is absolutely too busy to care for one properly, pets can provide excellent social support, stress relief and other health benefits—perhaps more than people!

They little expected that Associate Local Government Minister Nanaia Mahuta would make the issue into one of dogs' lib.

After going through the usual spiel about how important the measure was for dog control, and how only "total compliance" would ensure success, and how vets and the SPCA supported an all-dog rule, she finally declared, in quaveringly fervent tones, "We want one law for all dogs! One Law . . . For All Dogs," she repeated portentously, inserting dramatic pauses.

So what wrong with ALL DOGS will NOT have any MICROCHIP inserted in them. That's ONE LAW for ALL dogs!!

For the normally undemonstrative, modest Ms Mahuta, this was stirring stuff. There was some applause, and Opposition MPs couldn't help looking a little taken with the concept, which after all, was pure National policy heartland: one law for all New Zealanders, regardless of race, creed, belief, wealth or ability. Why not also one law for all dogs, regardless of breed, herding ability, newspaper fetching prowess, slobbering tendencies, slipper-chewing record, appearances in toilet paper ads, or even for cuteness? And no exceptions, even for the border collies' and huntaways' contributions to gdp.

In vain did the Nats point out that some local councils were so appalled at the all-dogs policy that they had vowed not to enforce it.

Even Agriculture Minister Jim Anderton, who has been quoted as having some sympathy for the farmers, made fun of this. He admitted that, for instance, Tararua District Council had threatened not to enforce the law, believing the Government wouldn't notice if it didn't comply. "Then in order to make sure we wouldn't notice, they said this in the local newspaper!"

Oh Mr Anderton... you're sooo witty!!

"One Law . . . For All Dogs!" reaffirmed Ms Mahuta, rather in the way that Maori sometimes express solidarity by saying "kia ora".

National's Nathan Guy asked what reports she had seen about the financial impacts of "microchipping across rural New Zealand".

Where are the financial reports for the impact of arresting those poor sods who dont comply with the law... ANY law!

This struck Acting Prime Minister Michael Cullen as carrying rather an extravagant assumption about the Government's intentions. "Can the minister confirm that, despite that last question, the Government has no intention of microchipping farmers?" he asked.

So despite National's efforts, the sentimental old idea of humans' close relationship with dogs must be amended to: Man's best barcode-readable friend.

We can't even count on politicians to having it right!!


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