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March 31, 2006

NZ workers could be microchipped

On the subject of microchipping...

New Zealand workers may one day be embedded with microchips if employers here follow some overseas employers, a University of Otago law professor has claimed.

..... to read in-between the lines

Some workers in North America had been embedded with a small microchip for different reasons, such as allowing particular workers access to certain work areas and also stored specific information about the worker – such as health information – which could be accessed if there was a workplace accident, he said.

The use of the microchips posed a raft of new challenges which if introduced here would need to be accommodated under both employment law and privacy law, he said.

Engineering Printing and Manufacturing Union national secretary Andrew Little told the forum he was worried about the erosion of workers privacy and rights through the gathering of personal information and surveillance of workers by employers.

The use of video cameras in the workplace raised "fraught issues" and the union remained opposed to the use of random drug tests, he said.

"When measures are taken that diminish the foundation for trust and respect then the working relationship starts to sour and people feel affronted," Mr Little said.


  • At 3:45 a.m., Blogger Adam said…

    I never cease to be amazed.



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