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March 24, 2006

Noah's animals not wanted within city limits

The animals can go in two by two in Manukau City, so long as you don't have more than 24 and none of them is a medium or large-sized mammal.

A new bylaw the Manukau City Council wants to bring in will control the number and type of pets its residents may own.

Under the bylaw, urbanites wanting a little bit of country in their backyards would be out of luck. Pet lambs, calves, horses, ponies, llamas, deer, donkeys, pigs and goats are now prohibited.

Cat lovers may have up to four, while residents can have up to six rabbits or ferrets. Alternatively, you can own a dozen of most types of birds, although large parrots are restricted to six per property.

Under the council's dogs policy a licence is needed to keep three or more dogs in an urban area.

Environment and Urban Design committee chairman Noel Burnside said the change would tidy up a historic bylaw about the number of animals people were allowed to keep in their backyards, and was intended to ensure pets did not create a nuisance or damage property.

...* The proposed bylaw will be available for public consultation from mid-April.



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