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March 01, 2006

Nine dogs maul sheep on Komata farm

Komata farmer Colin Barnett was shocked when nine pig dogs attacked his sheep when he was mustering last week. Mr Barnett wasn't sure what to do when the dogs began attacking the animals. Then four pig hunters appeared and tried to bring the dogs into line.

"I started to chase a couple off and then this hunter came running down the paddock, waving his arms at them to stop," Mr Barnett says.

"He said they've never done this before and when he stopped to tell me they just went off and after some more sheep. There were four guys, but two of them were hiding in the scrub."
Mr Barnett says this is the first time any animal has been attacked by pig dogs on the Komata Reef land he leases from Dirk Seiling. He reported the incident to police, including a branding tattoo he saw on one of the dogs. MORE>>


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