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March 29, 2006

Microchip legislation 'ridiculous'

29 March 2006
Mount Linton Station stock manager Kevin O'Connor is taking a stand and refusing to microchip his team of 18 farm dogs under what he calls money-making legislation. more>>


Dog law 'a kick in the guts'

A campaign of civil disobedience is set to follow the Government's decision to microchip all dogs born after July 1. Farmers and district councils oppose the move and while farmers are saying they will not comply, the Waimate District Council is still deciding whether to enforce the law.

South Canterbury Federated Farmers meat and fibre chairman Alistair Young said the Government's decision not to exclude working farm dogs was a kick in the guts for farmers and showed the Government had ignored the sector.

"My gut reaction is that farmers will refuse to microchip their dogs. Talking to a number of farmers this morning they are saying the same thing." more>>

Bid for vote on farm dogs
A vote may be forced in Parliament on whether working farm dogs should be microchipped.
United Future MP Gordon Copeland has proposed an amendment to an omnibus bill, expected to be introduced next week, that contains changes to the Dog Control Act.

Mr Copeland believes he could get the numbers to pass his amendment to exempt farm dogs from the microchipping rules, which come into force in July.

He said he believed National and ACT would support it, and there was "a possibility" NZ First and the Maori Party would as well. more>>


Editorial: A dumb law

Labour has cast aside farmers' concerns and says microchipping of all dogs will become law on July 1. Perhaps it is a show of strength at a time of instability. Perhaps it is a legitimate concern the law has to be consistent to all. Whatever it is, it misses the point entirely.

The microchipping law, AS A WHOLE, is dumb. If anything it will make the dangerous dog problem worse, not better. more>>


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