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March 02, 2006

Lucky dog Dyna in the box seat

Dyna spends a lot of the time in the dog box, but she loves every minute of it.

The 10-month old blue heeler-fox terrier cross has been attracting attention scooting around the streets of Nelson in a purpose-built travel box on the back of owner Vickie Davis's 1968 Honda C50 scooter.

As a three-month-old puppy, Dyna used to sit behind Miss Davis on the bike's seat for short jaunts around her home. But Miss Davis decided the seating arrangement was too dangerous for longer trips so took Dyna to work in her truck. That was until she came up with the idea of a travel box: a vinyl-covered plywood box with a hole in the lid for Dyna's head.

The box can be attached to the back of any one of Miss Davis' three old motorbikes.
"It means she can become mobile with me, and it is a lot more fuel-efficient." MORE>>


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