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March 10, 2006

Five-year ban for owner of biting dog

A Kapiti resident has been banned from owning a dog for five years as the council's "get tough on bad owners" policy starts to bite.

The owner of a German shepherd cross that attacked a man has been declared a disqualified dog owner.

The dog bit a man in the Coastlands car park in November and had been involved in two previous attacks on people, animal control manager Don Wolff said. The owner had received several infringement notices for breaches of the Dog Control Act. It is the first time a ban had been used on the Kapiti Coast.

"The dog had been declared menacing, which meant it had to wear a muzzle to prevent biting someone in a public place," Mr Wolff said. "In the latest attack, the victim received bites and scratches to an arm, clothing was torn and subsequent medical treatment was required. We had worked with the dog owner and their family to educate them on the requirements that come with dog ownership, but the messages just did not seem to be taken on board." MORE>>


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