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March 07, 2006

Fed farmers chip away at minister

Federated Farmers has presented Agriculture Minister Jim Anderton with "a practical and pragmatic solution" which would enable working dogs to be exempt from microchipping, says Federated Farmers president Charlie Pedersen.

As from July 1 all newly registered dogs and dangerous dog breeds have to have microchips inserted. Farmers say the legislation for working dogs is illogical as their dogs have never injured any member of the public.

They want farm, police and seeing eye dogs exempt from the microchipping law.
The ministry is looking at the proposal now and verifying that it is practical, Mr Pedersen says.
"I'm not sure when we'll hear but the clock is ticking towards July 1, so there isn't too much time," he says.

"We are in the Government's hands now, we're just waiting to hear," Mr Pedersen says.


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