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March 09, 2006

Dogs bite census staff

Maybe a new question for the next census in five years time could be: Why didn't you tie up your dog?

Or another question: do you have a pet? and what kind? It's time for dogs to be counted, however not in the following story's way.

Three census form deliverers in Kapiti have been bitten by dogs, with one needing hospital care for blood poisoning.

Horowhenua-Manawatu census area manager Grant Burnett said while some dog incidents were expected throughout the region from Paremata bridge to Bulls, it was unusual that all three took place in the Kapiti district.

Very unresponsible dog owners... that is such a shame that owners who knows that their dogs are aggressive should put their dog away. Not better still, how about of dog walking, dog socialising, general dog care!

A man delivering a census form to a Waikanae address was bitten on the arm by a ridgeback-mastiff cross and was hospitalised after developing blood poisoning. He is believed to have been released from hospital this week.

A woman was "quite badly" bitten on both legs by a Labrador in Paraparaumu, and another census collector received minor bites on her elbow at a Raumati South address.

Can everyone LOOK at the breeds of dogs here? any pitbulls... doh! Labrador, ridgeback

Mr Burnett said he was very concerned about the dog bites.

"We have contacted the police and Kapiti dog ranger and requested that the offending dogs be destroyed."

Kapiti dog ranger Don Wolff said the reported dog bites were being investigated and charges would be laid.

"We will be checking to make sure dog owners adhere to common law, which states quite clearly that every home has to have a dog-free access."


While most New Zealanders filled in their census forms on Tuesday, members of the Libertarianz political party burnt them in a public protest.

Libertarianz leader Bernard Darnton said about 15 party members and up to 20 others gathered in Wellington's Botanic Gardens and "incinerated" their forms with the help of a fire-breather.

In the Far North, a barbecue was held with "both sausages and census forms" being put on the grill, and a similar event was held in Christchurch.

"What we ultimately object to is the fact that the census is compulsory," Mr Darnton said yesterday.

"Because it's somebody from the Government you're compelled under threat of punishment to fill it in."

Those who burned forms now faced the prospect of $500 fines, which would increase by $20 for every day the forms continued to not be filled in, he said.

WOW, just like a dog fine for a dog pissing on the neighbours fence unsupervised? and I suppose they both make as much sense as the other.


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