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March 22, 2006

Dog submission against Police before RDC

Continuous barking police dogs which muffled the conversation of guests at a nearby backpackers unit are scheduled to be the subject of a submission to the Rotorua District Council on March 31.

In his submission, Neil Macdonald, a partner in Rotorua Central Backpackers, said while the police had made an attempt to ease the problem, the noise level of the dogs had reached an unacceptable level.

To underscore his complaint, Mr Macdonald plans to produce a DVD as examples of barking his guests had had to endure over recent years.

Mr Macdonald, whose Pukuatua Street premises look towards the police compound where the dogs are kennelled, said backpackers were like all tourists - "they like to relax and have uninterrupted sleep, and that includes sleeping-in in the morning".

He was concerned at the effects on his business. "Over the years, we have had to put up with noise from the dogs," Mr Macdonald said in his submission. "There has been some attempt by the police to alleviate the noise problem (by) sound proofing the dog house' and moving off the on-duty dog overnight.


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