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March 31, 2006

Dog owner 'still shocked' over attack

A Hawke's Bay dog owner sentenced to 175 hours' community work after a savage dog attack remains shocked his pets turned would-be killers.
Roberts said the dogs had been left separated at his partner's house but an open window allowed one to get outside with the other. He said he felt extremely remorseful and would never make the same mistake again.

"It hasn't turned me off animals, I have some fish and they don't bite."

Isn't that sad...
Judge Geoff Rea told Roberts that he had put the victim and the entire community at risk.

oh, that's a bit much... a good way of pumping fear into the community..
Who's know what really happened. The dogs attacked for a reason, and I bet'cha it's related to it being unsocialised...

Despite doing everything he could after the attack he had failed to ensure his dogs were secure.
"This is a bad time to be involved with dogs that attack people," Judge Rea said.

So if his dog attacked say 5 years ago, that'd been better??


All is forgiven after owner of vicious dogs sentenced

Some of Saydee Robinson's scars are visible while others run far deeper; but she has forgiven the owner of the two dogs that mauled her and was happy with the court sentence handed down to him yesterday.
From Hawke's Bay Today


  • At 8:28 a.m., Blogger Conners said…

    I think this is sad...for the dogs. Sure the guy feels remorse, but he's feeling it as still blaming the dogs. What has he learnt? NOTHING! Dog owners of any breed need to be responsible.
    I agree with you, the dogs needed socialization and obviously the owner was responsible enough to do that.
    So he's forgiven. BIG DEAL! He killed his own dogs out of neglect of his responsibilities. What a crock!


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