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March 16, 2006

Dog attack victim grateful

The victim of Kaikohe's most recent dog attack says she owes her life to a group of teenagers who ran to her assistance after they heard her screams several streets away.

(...) Last week, Sue said she was locked in a struggle with the dog and getting weaker by the minute when the seven teenagers found her. "If they hadn't arrived when they did, I would be pushing up daisies with that dog now."
Sue said two girls sat on the dog while a third member of the group phoned the police on a cellphone. Two boys in the group helped her to walk to her house. READ MORE
Then she said:" Sue said the experience hadn't made her fearful of her own dogs, a pit-bull-Staffordshire terrier cross and a boxer-Staffordshire terrier cross, but she would think twice about walking to work in future. "

Sad when you have to think twice before walking to work.
Sad when you feel you have to bring something with you when you walk in case you get attacked.
Sad when you fear a wandering dog and cross the road.

Now you see why some vision-impaired people don't walk much around. It's scary when you don't know if that dog is barking from inside their property or outside.


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