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March 08, 2006

Chips-for-dogs legislation an ass, says mayor

Councillors jokingly considered "civil disobedience" in protest of the upcoming dog microchipping legislation at yesterday's Central Otago District Council estimates meeting.

Council planning and regulatory manager Louise van der Voort told councillors it would cost $9525 for the council to comply with the requirements of maintaining the national dog database.

The database was being developed for the purpose of microchipping dogs as required under new legislation.

Cr Neil Gillespie raised the question of council refusing to comply with the legislation and behaving "civilly disobediently". Cr Graeme Dillon said it came down to whether the council wanted to "be a bit wicked" and disobey the legislation, or if it should be left to the individual dog owner to decide if they wanted to present their dogs for registration.

Mayor Malcolm Macpherson said civil disobedience was an interesting idea but for a local authority choosing to go that way would be a bit "bizarre".

But he did agree the legislation was "an ass".

Councillors eventually decided if it was going to be civilly disobedient, it should be over something "really big". It agreed to fund the microchipping costs.

too bad, so sad, but thanks for reporting this...


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