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March 14, 2006

Another cat falls victim to a killer dog

Some dogs appear to have declared war on cats in Invercargill with the latest victim attacked and killed yesterday.

Invercargill City Council environmental health principal officer Tony Dowson said several complaints about wandering dogs attacking cats had been taken in the past few days.
It was unclear if it was just an anomaly or the start of a trend. (Hell, if you saw the picture of the little girl, you'd be swept away too... )

From another news source outside of NZ

Owner of Dead Cat has DNA Test done to Implicate Dog
Marylin Christian found her beloved cat Cody dead under a tree in front of her home. She suspected that Lucky, a neighbor's German shepherd mix dog, was responsible for her cat's death, but couldn't get the authorities to act.

She became frustrated that officials couldn't prove that Lucky was the culprit, so she turned to DNA evidence. Christian hired a lab to analyze the dog's DNA and proved that it killed her cat. But police still won't do anything without a witness.

Even armed with DNA proof, authorities wouldn't grant her request of having the dog declared dangerous. But about 10 days after the cat died, Lucky was caught running loose and owner Sean Daryabeygi was fined $116.

See that amount !! $116 for a wandering dog in the States. Why is it $300 in NZ?


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