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February 21, 2006

Thousands of dollars wasted on farm kill dog food vet nurse

An Alexandra vet nurse says farmers are wasting thousands of dollars each year feeding dogs on farm-kill.

Carmen Hodge, of Central Vets in Alexandra, used five working dogs during a two-month study and overall found dogs performed better on quality dog food.

Farm kill cost $2 a dog, including labour and freezing and kibble dog food was $1.48 a dog.

Ms Hodge said the primary reason for the lower cost was the high level of quality fats and proteins in the kibble (Eukanuba Premium Performance Large Breed was used in the trial) which meant only relatively small amounts were required to be fed.

Ms Hodge said she did the study after seeing the long-term effects of feeding farm-kill to dogs.

These included constipation, twisted stomachs, diarrhoea, poor performance and often fatal injuries caused by the bones.


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