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February 23, 2006

SPCA shelters two dogs shot by air rifles

An SPCA manager suspects the same people are responsible for two dog shootings in Manukau.

The dogs were shot with air rifles in recent incidents in which one canine was left with only one good eye and the other with a wounded groin. "One of the dogs was shot in Flat Bush and the other in East Tamaki," shelter manager Rachel Foster says. "It looks like it's the same people because the areas are so close to each other."

The one-year-old white mixed breed dog was found by a member of the public on February 9 and picked up by an SPCA inspector.

I think that the person who wrote To hell with animal rights. A bullet's the only answer to savage dogs (February 20, 2006 , seen on this blog) that we should shot all dogs that are dangerous, (I mean, we should all carry a gun at all times) would really like this story.


  • At 7:10 p.m., Blogger Conners said…

    The most dangerous animals are the human type and your article proves that fact.
    Laws need to be enforced against people that commit animal cruelty and I don't mean slap on the risk fines.
    In Ontario, Canada we have Bill C-50 that has been in play for many years now. Only twice has it been used.
    Why make a bill when it's not being enforced for the safety of animals, but when the shoe is on the other foot, one slight mistake on the dogs part (at least with the bullies) and it means instant death, even if the incident was actually due to human neglect or irresponsibility.
    Dogs pay with their lives, yet humans walk away blaming the dogs for their lack of responsibility!
    grrrrr....I'm sire you can tell you've struck a cord in me. I fight 24/7 trying to educate and fight this rediculas ban and when I see the human animals the cause of all this infliction, it burns my buns!!!!


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