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February 08, 2006

SC campaign to take the menace out of mutts

Teaching young children about dogs and how to behave around them is soon to be a part of primary school activities, thanks to an initiative by the Timaru District Council.

The council's new Dogsafe campaign focuses on teaching young children the areas of danger that contact with dogs can present, as well as providing tips on how to interact with the animals in a non-threatening manner.

(...) "By introducing this programme at the primary school level, it is anticipated that the children will pass the message on to their parents," Mr Vince said.

The Dogsafe package is based on the highly successful Christchurch City Council educational package, but is tailored for the Timaru District. It involves a 30 to 40- minute presentation by an experienced dog control officer and includes training on dog behaviour, how to be safe around dogs, "and lots of little treats for the children". MORE>>

From what I read, it still doesn't stack up to the initiative in Victoria, Australia.


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