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February 23, 2006

Owners are problem, says dog breeder

Money spent putting microchips into dogs would be better spent on registering owners and ensuring they had training in controlling their animals, Marlborough dog breeder and international dog trialist Ken White says. (hey, that's what I said!!)

"Politicians are using scare tactics as a knee-jerk reaction to recent dog incidents. Putting a chip in a dog isn't going to change its behaviour."

Mr White said the move to extend the chipping to farm dogs defied logic. "Farm dogs are very valuable. Farmers don't let their animals wander and the dogs involved in attacks are often wandering mongrels or family pets who have escaped."

In addition, he said there had to be some doubts about the reliability of the technology being used. (this is something that people don't realise. Microchips come in all different types of machines... Buy shares in those companies..)



  • At 6:44 p.m., Blogger Conners said…

    I wish they would make microchipping mandatory. I didn't realize the advantages until the bullies were required by bylaw in my city, just how important that is.
    The scanners have improved greatly since they first came out.
    If it was mandatory for all dogs, the dogs found roaming without one, would prove an irresponsible owner that didn't abide by the law owned it. At least they could find it a good, permanent home.
    For one, if someone were to steal her, they can remove the tags, but the microchip is her way home. Someone caught with a microchipped dog should get at least the same penalty as an irresponsible owner, a long with theft. Here in Ontario an ireesponsible owner gets fined up to $10,000 and/or up to 6 months in jail and/or paying for injuries occurred.
    What I didn't approve of is that all owners of the Pit bull breeds and crosses, had to also appear in person to register their dogs with a list of all the required signed documents, witnessed along with 2 mug shots of the dog. A profile and a frontal view. I think the mug shots were just over the top.


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