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February 03, 2006

MP queries dog rangers' conduct

National MP John Key has asked Rodney mayor John Law to investigate the conduct of council dog-control staff.

Mr Key says the staff members' behaviour could be considered "unfair and completely over the top".

But animal control and bylaws manager Wayne Knightbridge rejects that.

"Our officers work in difficult circumstances at times," Mr Knightbridge says. "Often when they are investigating a dog attack the owners are in an emotional state and can be difficult and uncooperative."

Council lawyers are considering a claim Brian Stokes made, which North Harbour News reported in December. Mr Stokes is seeking about $30,000 for costs incurred in defending a case brought by the council that would have resulted in his dog's destruction.

Mr Key has raised another case, relating to a poodle named Piper with the mayor.

"It would appear the owners have had a raw deal," Mr Key says. "It seems that the way they have been handled is unfair and over the top."

Piper's situation arose in September, after owner Janet O'Keefe sent a $94 cheque for the dog's registration. The cheque was returned because Mrs O'Keefe had not provided her date of birth.

Ya gotta read the rest of the article... What I suspected all alone with these Dog Officer who seem like the are wanna-be cops


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