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February 22, 2006

Many benefits in dog microchips, says vet

Temuka vet Will Wilson is concerned the benefits of microchipping dogs are getting lost in the controversy surrounding Government plans to make the procedure mandatory.

... Mr Wilson came to Temuka from Northern Ireland, where microchipping has been compulsory for some time, and is an advocate of the procedure.

"It is a completely safe and harmless form of permanently identifying animals," he said.

When microchipping dogs became law in Northern Ireland the cost equated to about $50 per animal but was forced down by competition from animal welfare groups and others who set themselves up in the business, and is now about $18.

Mr Wilson expected New Zealand would follow this trend. (hum... not sure as there isn't the population for competition. Kindda like the petrol prices:) )

He questioned the $50-$110 per dog quoted by Federated Farmers in their stand-off with the Government over the cost of complying with the legislation. MORE>>


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