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February 22, 2006

Kaikohe dog attacks on the increase

Yet another Kaikohe resident has become the victim of a vicious dog attack while walking home.

Jason Tana, 28, was using his cell-phone when he approached an intersection notorious for an aggressive dog that usually only barks. Unfortunately for Mr Tana, the dog was accompanied by another more menacing companion which attacked him, leaving him with puncture wounds to his leg, wrist and neck.


Northland MP John Carter said recent serious dog attacks in Kaikohe and across the district were worrying and urged the Far North District Council to use its authority to act.

"A campaign targeting irresponsible dog owners could be of use, authorities must connect with these people by working with them as well as making tougher laws," he said. Now a politician is making sense... work with the dog owners, instead of the heavy-handed approach of most dog officers?!?


  • At 4:35 p.m., Blogger Conners said…

    They want to 'work' with irresponsible owners? Since when did irresponsible owners give one flying flip about their dogs? The best way to work with them is to find them, as they are never with their dogs and above the law, and nail their asses to the wall by fining and jailing them, then put a restriction against them for owning dogs again!
    I live in a banned province in Ontario and I ALWAYS know where my dog is. She's with me or at home inside the house.
    Education IS important, but why honour the irresponsible owners with it. Educate children, dog owners, the general public and service workers. But for those that can't or won't take the time to train, contain and take responsibility for their dogs...let them rot in jail!
    Many of these same owners are dealing in criminal activities, dog fighting and all sorts of appalling things. The dog means nothing to them than for making a fast buck. And they want to help THEM out?

  • At 1:02 p.m., Blogger Natalie said…

    I might just clarify that in Northland dog fighting is a way of life (sadly...). Or should I say it's a reality up there.

    Hence the reason why they have a 'dog problem'.

    So a new chip won't solve the problem, only a police/SPCA investigation would do the job.

    Saying that, the SPCA did have a case a while ago, and they spent A LOT of money on the case. The dog fighting owners got off because of a technicality.


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