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February 15, 2006

Editorial: Microchip madness

The Government had better beware, the workers of the land are mobilising. Shades of French farmers blocking highways, upending trucks, burning cars. Escargots and onions at 50 paces. Well, not quite, but it is true to say Kiwi cockies are mighty upset over plans to microchip dogs. And rightly so.

It is a nonsense to suggest that litters of dogs down on the farm be given the expensive implants. What would that solve? Would it stop one single dog attack, one single incidence of stock being worried? It is not as if a microchipped dog can be suddenly beamed up into the sky as they lunge at a target, or dealt some debilitating blast. In any case, how many serious attacks by farm dogs are we talking about? South Canterbury Federated Farmers meat and fibre producers chairman Alistair Young says none, and he is probably not far off the mark.



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