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February 06, 2006

The dogs have teeth - unlike law

It's an event that happens with predictable regularity. (doglinks editor: ?!?! predictable regularity??) Innocent folk going about their business being mauled by dogs not under control of their owners.

It has happened for decades, but vicious breeds that have become popular in recent years have accentuated the problem.

Last week a young woman walking through Flaxmere was mauled by two mongrels. What was supposed to be a brisk walk to her cousin's house ended in a vicious attack for 23-year-old Saydee Lewis on Thursday afternoon.

Dog control laws were tightened .... read more>>

Doglinks' editor says:

Answer me this question, and you'll see why dogs go unsocialised. Ifyou were walking your cute dog and encountered a pitbull-looking typeof dog, would you allow your dog to come close to it or would youswitch sides of the street?

Now answer this one. If you owned a pitbull-looking type dog and dogowners didn't want their dogs to socialise with your dog, how do youteach your pitbull-type dog "dog manners"? Only dogs can socialiseother dogs. The scenario finishes with the pitbull-looking dog locked away in thebackyard because the dog owner is too afraid of taking him out for awalk because his dog is now unpredictable. This dog escapes, as boreddogs do. You finish the scenario.

The last question is: Would you trust your dog to escape and have thedog manners necessary to walk the streets sniffing and marking theirterritory and walk back home? If you answer no, find a dog trainerreal quick.


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