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February 07, 2006

Dogs' bloody carnage shocks family

A single hind leg was all that remained of one of Cassidy and Ethan Brindle's six pet rabbits mauled by dogs in Gillies Ave.
Kelly Brindle is angry and frustrated that dogs mauled his children's pet rabbits and it's the third time it's happened. "The kids were gutted," he says.
"Especially being the third time, we wonder if there's any point getting any more."
He works night shift and found the dead rabbits about 6.30am on Thursday.
"They wrecked the hutches to get at them," Mr Brindle says.
The wire on one hutch has been caved in and the metal roof twisted and broken. MORE>>

Ya know when Parliament is still on vacation when newspapers have a great big story about a dog eating a rabbit...


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