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February 03, 2006

Dog food not for children - producer

Mighty Mix dog food will never be sent to starving Kenyan children, says its producer Christine Drummond.

The Canterbury businesswoman who founded the Mighty Mix dog food company in Blenheim in 1992, said incorrect reporting of her offer to send protein supplements ? not dog food ? to an orphanage in Kenya had embarrassed New Zealand and offended Kenya.

But it's an ill wind that blows no good and the flurry of publicity following that "confusion" has opened up a "huge, huge export opportunity" for Mrs Drummond, who is now developing a product to meet a newfound demand.

She said the supplement she had sent to Kenya as a sample was made from ingredients supplied by an Invercargill meat company and a Christchurch mussel company and had never been used in her dog food, a natural product she developed after being snowed in with her dogs while farming at Kekerengu.

Recent reports saying she planned to send that dog food to starving children in Africa have induced a barrage of criticism, including comments from the Kenyan Government, which called the suggestion insulting. MORE>>


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