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February 05, 2006

Couple turn to expert after dog dies at vet

A couple is seeking an overseas expert's help after a two-year battle with the Vet Council whom they believed whitewashed the circumstances of their dog's sudden death during surgery.

Angus and Caroline McDonald's yorkshire terrier Bobby died in February 2003 after going to a Wellington vet for a routine dental clean.

The Waikanae couple has since spent about $20,000 in lost earnings and costs fighting the council after complaining.

The couple was at first told by the council that it could not understand how Bobby died and found no specific factors that would have led to his death.

The McDonalds believe Bobby's heart was not monitored and his drug dosage was too high. They believe a letter from the council to the vet, which raised concerns about the drug dosage, was underplayed in a letter to them.

Vet Council registrar Julie Haggie said the McDonalds' complaint was dealt with fairly and thoroughly. She was "very sorry" Bobby had died, but there was no way to confirm the issues raised by the McDonalds had contributed to his death. more>>


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