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February 22, 2006

Canine worries

A Turakina Valley farmer says new microchipping legislation for farm dogs is illogical, unresearched and will impose unnecessary costs on farmers.

Mike Webster says farm dogs have never attacked anyone and putting microchips in each working dog is an attempt to "solve a problem that doesn't even exist".

The new requirements have upset farmers.

Taranaki Federated Farmers has threatened that its members will take their farm dogs to Parliament to "piss on the steps".

Other provinces have asked Federated Farmers to support a campaign of civil disobidience which encourages farmers not to register their new dogs.

Mr Webster says farmers are generally law abiding people and they are not known for overt actions but there is an undercurrent of "non-compliance" over this issue.

Federated Farmers says while the chip is only $12, by the time vets' costs are included as well as the cost of running a national data base, it expects the microchipping procedure to cost between $70-100 per dog. MORE>>


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