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December 21, 2005

Dog bite victim in limbo after pitbull and its owner escape

The wounds are still evident on Tony Hewett's legs after an attack by a pitbull terrier on October 27. The Mt Roskill resident was walking home from the dairy about 10am when he saw the dog roaming free. He took little notice, but the next thing he knew the dog was biting his leg.

"It took a chunk out of my leg. The fang bites were very deep," the 69-year-old says.
The dog and owner moved away from the street soon after the attack and officials say they cannot do anything. Mr Hewett is far from impressed.

(.... )Auckland City's animal control contracts manager Clare Connell says both dog and owner have disappeared. "They have vanished without a trace." She says the dog has bitten before and is classified as menacing.

Ms Connell says it should be muzzled in public and the owner has been disqualified as a dog owner. Infringement notices have been issued against the dog and owner for previous offences.

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